DIY First-Aid Kit Fits In Your Pocket

There's something to be said for having a first-aid kit at the ready wherever you go. I used to slip a few bandages in my wallet just in case, but this first-aid kit made with a breath mint tin has enough bandages inside to patch up the cuts and bruises you might get during your average day (and then some!)

Instructables user Ekzile put together this kit and stocked it with a handful of small and medium adhesive bandages, folded up medium and large gauze pads, a small knife with a fingernail file on the side, plenty of sterile alcohol pads, some waterproof tape, and a vacuum-sealed bag with cotton swabs and cotton balls inside. He then wrapped the whole thing up with a shoestring and slipped the end product in his pocket.

Granted, if you carry a bag or backpack with you everywhere, you could use a bigger container and carry more in your kit. Still, we could see swapping out the shoestring for some paracord, and maybe work in a tube of antibacterial ointment in the tin as well. How would you improve on the kit? Sound off in the comments below.

Pocket-Sized Altoids Tin First Aid Kit [Instructables]


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