Dealhacker: Free Shipping At Mr Porter

Keen on designer duds? Mr Porter (the men's equivalent of well-known fashion site Net-A-Porter) has free express shipping to Australia on all items until June 10. If you're trying to reboot your wardrobe, that's one way of getting some quality items without excessive postage getting in the way. [Mr Porter and ShopStyle Australia]


    Now I can buy a pair Polka-Dot socks for £12 without feeling like I'm getting ripped off :P

      i lol'd

    What? So expensive.

    Free shipping!?!?! I'll take that bargain jumper then, only $1,339.41!!

    Nice clothes - prices are a complete joke though, right?

    I've ordered at MrP a few times in the past. Top notch service, arrived in 3 days, all boxed up, wrapped and complete with all the packaging and authenticity card. They even have an Australian contact number that diverts to their UK office. Free return shipping if you dont like the item or it doesnt fit. Shipping was GBP15 flat rate.

    They will be on sale very soon, most likely after 10 June when free shipping expires. The US website is now on sale. Even after all the conversion etc, they still are cheaper (average 25% at regular price) than the local flagship stores in Sydney, so their half yearly sale is something to watch out for. The women's counterpart is

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