Boxopus Lets You Download Torrents Directly To Your Dropbox Account

If you’re looking for another way to utilise your cloud storage, then you might like the idea of completely outsourcing your torrent downloads to Dropbox. With newcomer Boxopus, there’s no need for a client or local storage, you can just feed it “.torrent” files and it will do the work of transferring the data directly to Dropbox.

If anonymity is your primary concern, Boxopus probably isn’t for you. An email address is required to sign up and then you need to pair your Dropbox account with the service. Transfers are handled via the Dropbox API, so Boxopus won’t have access to your other cloud files or your Dropbox details, but that’s still more information than what many are willing to part with.

One also has to wonder how long Boxopus will be around for. If Dropbox disapproves for whatever reason, there’s nothing stopping it from blacklisting Boxopus and disabling access to its API. That said, a number of torrent sites have already integrated one-click support, according to TorrentFreak.

The beta version of Boxopus is currently free, but TorrentFreak reports that some limitations may be implemented once the service is finalised.

Boxopus [via TorrentFreak]


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