The Red Ribbon Windows Desktop

The Red Ribbon Windows Desktop

Flickr user eddybelluci laboured over this desktop, making it just right for his needs and perfectly suited to his widescreen display. The end result looks great — feeds, weather and notifications on the left, time, date, music controls and quick access to apps on the right, and work in the centre. We like.

It’s definitely a little busy, but if you have a large, wide display, there’s plenty of room for everything. Want the same look for your Windows desktop? Here’s how to make it happen:

There are a lot of components, but thankfully you can pick and choose among them to create as much or as little of the overall look as you like. Eddybelluci mentioned that he did have to tweak the fonts in most of the plugins to make sure the look was the same across all of them, but aside from that most of it was easy to install. Still need a little help? Check out our guide to setting up Rainmeter or drop by eddybelluci’s Flickr page to ask a question, or to just let him know how much you like his desktop!

Mac users can get some (but obviously not all) of this action with GeekTool and our getting started guide to using it. If you’re a Linux user, the Conky system utility and some shell themes can get you most, if not all of the way there.

Red Ribbons and Wood Desktop [Flickr]

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