The Mirror’s Edge Desktop

The Mirror’s Edge Desktop

I’m pretty excited for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and this desktop, submitted by reader 0BUX to our Desktop Showcase certainly isn’t helping. It looks amazing. Here’s how to make it yours.

This is a Windows 10 desktop, but despite its odd screen size and resolution, you can still get the same effect on your PC. It uses Rainmeter, so if you’re not familiar with how to customise your desktop with it, check out our getting started guide to Rainmeter here before you begin.

Now, here’s what you’ll need:

That’s all the moving parts for this one. You can get the same effect pretty easily with fewer widgets if you prefer, or you can just snag that wallpaper and call it a day. We won’t judge. Either way, if you dig the work here, head over to 0BUX’s Kinja blog (linked below) and let them know you like the finished product!

The Mirror’s Edge Desktop [0BUX]