Suck On That, Telemarketers: 7.5 Million Numbers On Do Not Call List

Suck On That, Telemarketers: 7.5 Million Numbers On Do Not Call List

Clearly we hate telemarketers. New figures from the Do Not Call Register show that as it celebrates its fifth anniversary, more than 7.5 million Australians have signed up for the service.

More than half of Australia’s landlines have opted for Do Not Call, along with 3 million mobile numbers. In 2011 alone, 1.6 million numbers were added to the register. Do Not Call doesn’t kill all calls — charities, politicians and businesses you already have a relationship with can ignore the listing. Even so, it’s well worth doing. (Registrations last for six years, so make a calendar note when you sign up to remind yourself to re-register six years down the track.)

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  • There’d also be plenty of VoIP landlines not registered for Do Not Call because many are already unlisted, and so inaccessible (I think?) to telemarketers.

  • that should seriously just about be everybody…
    i mean if you consider 1 number = 1 household, and there are on average about 3-4 people per household… … …

    • Nope. 1 number = 1 household, far from the truth these days. 1 household may have up to 5 numbers, mobile phone numbers can be placed on the do not call list so you have to include these.

    • I have two mobiles (work and personal). Most people at my office have three dedicated numbers – work landline, work mobile, personal mobile. Quite a few of them also have a landline at home, though that’s decreasing.

      Event not including me, my family averages out at two dedicated numbers per person. I’m guessing they’re not far off the norm .

    • I got two of those and I pretended to be an AFP Officer. I never heard someone hung up so fast in my life.

      The second time I pretended to be a Microsoft employee and played stupid. In the end the other person hung up without a good-bye 🙁 If you are reading this, call me back please, I have so much more lol

  • The annoying thing is the one group of people I don’t want calling and groveling and trying to guilt you into things are bloody charities. Let me know when charities are blocked as well.

  • A “Do not knock” registry wouldn’t be bad either. I know they changed some rules recently, at least in Victoria, about what times you can and can’t knock, but still, it’s annoying..Plus, with most people you basically have to be rude and slam the door in their face to get them to leave.

    I’ve never bought anything from a door-knockers and I never donate to charity that way either. I choose which charities I want to give to with specific criteria, not just to anyone who asks.

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