Kogan Tweaks Agora Android Tablet Specs Again

Kogan's Agora Android tablet managed to sell out pretty quickly, but caused some embarrassment to the online retailer when it turned out the specs had been overstated. Now the specs have been tweaked again ahead of the late May ship date, though it looks like the changes this time around are an improvement.

A blog post on the Kogan site notes that the device will now include a 2.0 megapixel camera (up from 1.3), a 1GHz processor, the ability to connect to external USB drives with up to 1TB of storage and the ability to connect a 3G dongle while you're on the road.

The post also points out that any customers who bought the device but changed their mind after the specs changed could get a full refund, while asking if buyers think Kogan should have handled the situation differently. How do you think Kogan should have dealt with the Agora specs problem it created?



    The email also stated the ship date will be pushed back by a week to implement the improvements. It's as if saying: We have fulfillment issues, it'll be delayed, but hey, the crappy camera's been made a little less crappy, we added a graphics coprocessor and a firmware update addresses some other issues...

    I ordered the tablet for my overseas trip which starts 1st June... I won't get my tablet in time for the trip. The whole reason I agreed to get the tab was because Kogan's good about their ship dates, and it was before I flew out. The delay's not huge, but it makes the tablet less useful to me.

    This tablet was announced about a day before the 7" Galaxy Tab dropped to $299. I quickly jumped ship over to the Tab. Sure, it cost close to double, but it was in hand about three days later.

    Did they upgrade to Honeycomb? That would seem to be a logical step if they were updating the specs. Or is this tablet not able to run Honeycomb?

      It runs version 2.3 (Gingerbread).

      There's some good info and resources for these type of cheap tablets over at this forum http://tipstir.the-talk.net/forum

    Honeycomb requires some more baking apparently. Also, since it's not yet open source I believe it's only available to major manufacturers at the moment... I've played with the OS that's shipping on a different device, should work very nicely.

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