Create A New Email Address Just For Warranty Registrations To Keep Spam At Bay

Create A New Email Address Just For Warranty Registrations To Keep Spam At Bay

When you buy a new TV or other appliance, it probably comes with a warranty registration card. Manufacturers want you to send it back, and it’s actually in your interest to do so, but doing so opens you up to a world of marketing email and physical mail you probably don’t want. The solution? Create an email address specifically for warranty registrations and keep that nonsense out of your primary inbox.

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Sending in that registration card means you can get warranty service easily, and in some cases it’s required for manufacturers to send parts, replacements or notify you of recalls. However, your email and mailing address are frequently used for marketing and almost always sold to third parties. To keep their hands off of your inbox, create a new or custom gmail address (like instead of “[email protected]”, use “[email protected]” and set up a mail filter accordingly) to corral all of that information into one place that you can browse at your leisure.

I’ve actually had companies proactively notify me of my repair or replacement options when a recall was issued because I registered, but it’s rare, so your mileage may vary. Either way, a new address will net you the benefits without the spam. Physical spam, however is a different problem. Do you fill out registration cards or just throw them away? Have you ever had a company proactively contact you about your product, or insist you fill one out for service? Share your stories in the comments.

Send In The Registration Form Immediately, but Fill It Out Carfully [The SImple Dollar]


  • Is SPAM still an issue in 2012 ? I’ve been on the net since early 90’s before it really was the Net… I’ve lived thru the dark days of spam. But I have to say… I honestly thought that issue had been SOLVED already some time ago.

    I’ve been with Google Apps for my email for +5 years now and I get ZERO spam, and ZERO false positives… I live and breathe my daily life through these email accounts, and I never get SPAM, and I never don’t get an email I am wanting/expecting.

    I use my main email address for everything from business to random web page account sign ups, to every e-commerce transaction random that I do… for over 5 years…

    Still I get simply NO spam emails. The problem has been solved. No need for aliases or filters IMO.

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