Bartender Cleans Up Your Mac’s Menubar

Bartender Cleans Up Your Mac’s Menubar

Mac: If you’ve been using a Mac for any good period of time, you’ve probably accumulated more than a few icons in your menubar that correspond to various utilities you use to make working with your Mac easier. If those icons are starting to stretch all the way back to the left side of your screen, Bartender is a utility that hides them all on a second bar to keep your display tidy and invisible until you click on it.

Bartender is free right now while it’s in beta. The app can either remove all of your menubar icons entirely, create a second, movable menubar that’s populated with those icons that you can position anywhere on the screen, or remove all of the icons in exchange for a new icon in the menubar to click on to get to all of the others. You can even tell Bartender to only allow other icons in the menubar if they have something to show you, like a new email or other system notification.

If you try the app and you like it, you can buy a full licence for $US7.50 while it’s in beta. After the beta concludes, the price will jump up to $US14. What do you think — too much to pay for a little minimalism, or a useful utility to clean up cluttered Macs? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Bartender [via Addictive Tips]

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