Use Toothpaste To Hang Picture Frames

If you have problems hanging photo frames as straight as you'd like, try dabbing toothpaste on the end of the picture hook. Household weblog The Industrial Cottage suggests holding your picture where you'd like it to go without touching the wall until you find the perfect spot, then gently tap the frame against the wall.

This should leave a small toothpaste mark to indicate where you should insert a nail. Wipe away any leftover toothpaste once the nail is in.

Today was a very interesting day [The Industrial Cottage]


    Seriously?! This article is retarded. "Hai guiz, go put toothpaste on ur wallz, lolz omg. Hanging photo frams has neva been dis ez." And you guys wonder why people discredit gawker 'journalists' all the time for the bloggers that they are.

      Actually, out of the plethora of crap that came out of LH this weekend this one is rather usefull. At least it kinda makes sense. ;)

        No one is forcing you to read LH if you think it's crap.

          If nobody mentions the lack of quality in the articles posted, then the content will steadily decline. Someone needs to mention it, rather than shoving there head in a hole and put up with it. That's how you get results!


              Yes, because a simple contextual spelling error is definitely more important than the article.

                :D well, if nobody mentions the lack of quality in a comment... you know.

    Most of my pictures hang on a wire runing between the two sides of the frame. The wire hangs limply when the picture is not hanging so this wouldn't work for me. Good idea for the type of frames the article is talking about.

    I think this is a good idea. Apart from re-writing the article in text-speak, what exactly is your problem Suq?

    I just use blu-tac in the same way. Less messy than toothpaste

    I've tried it and this doesn't work, as the fluoride in the toothpaste prevents the nail from producing a hole (cavity) in the wall.

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