Need Maximum Laptop Battery Life? Use IE, Not Chrome

We regularly test the four most popular browsers for speed, but what about battery life? If you're on a laptop, an extra 20 minutes can make a pretty big difference. Weblog 7Tutorials did a battery life test of each browser, and found that Internet Explorer was the most likely to give you a noticeable battery boost.

They used the Peacekeeper battery test on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, on a clean install of Windows 7 using the Power Saver power plan, and ran it three times to get an average for each browser. Internet Explorer 9 came out ahead, providing 104 minutes of battery life in the Peacekeeper test, with Opera not far behind at 100 minutes. Firefox lagged behind a bit at 92 minutes, while Chrome got almost 20 minutes less, lasting only 85 minutes.

Obviously, your mileage will vary on this, but it's a good thing to know if you're in a bind and need to squeeze every ounce of battery from your laptop. Hit the link to read more about their methodology and the results.

Test Comparison: Which Browser Will Make Your Laptop's Battery Last Longer? [7Tutorials]


    I've had a similar result on the macbook pro. Chrome eats the battery compared to safari.

      Surprising and definitely good to know. Thanks LH and PS!

    But by using IE you'll likely waster +20 minutes compared to Chrome and be frustrated in the process...

    but then you'd be using ie

    So in terms of real world equivalents let us sum up the advice given;

    Need to save money but have a thing for disease-ridden prostitutes? Don't use a condom!

    Lol @ all the anti-IE fanboys.

    I don't get it.. If Chrome consumes the fewest processor cycles (and occupies the least amount of RAM),, how can it consume more stored energy--does it refresth the monitor more rapidly?

    You know that every extension runs as its own process, right?

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