Make A Cheap Vertical IKEA Laptop Stand

We've shown you before how to turn the $7.99 Brada laptop support into a pair of iPad stands. With a little sawing, Jordan at IKEA Hackers converted it into a vertical stand for his MacBook Pro.

That approach can be useful if you're using an external monitor and keyboard and don't want the notebook in the way. Hit the post for fuller instructions.

MacBook Pro vertical stand [IKEA Hackers]


    BAH HA HA... what a complete WOFTAM. It takes up the exact same footprint.

      not only that, but once again (as the last 5 times a vertical stand has been thrown up here) shows a complete disregard for heat which can build up with the laptop running while the lid is closed. Some laptops may not be as susceptible as others but woudl it kill the posters to at least mention it.

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