Lifehacker Live: Why Does Private Cloud Matter? [Video]

Cloud computing is everywhere, but when does is make sense to use the private cloud approach rather than a public cloud option? We're exploring the answer in the first episode of a new video series, Lifehacker Live.

Private cloud uses the same concepts as a general cloud computing service — scaling on the basis of demand and rolling out services quickly — but doesn't share infrastructure with other providers. One obvious motivation for that approach is to protect sensitive information. Matthew Maw, group manager technical systems at Tatts Group Australia, put it in simple terms at the recent Cisco Live conference:

From a cloud perspective we're very interested in private cloud. Public cloud is simply not on the agenda. There's very little in the way of service level agreements or liquidated damages that you could put in place in a commercial agreement for public cloud.

However, moving from that recognition to actually implementing a private cloud solution can be tricky. Joining Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman to discuss the private cloud are three experts in the field of cloud computing for business:

  • Sam Higgins, independent ICT strategist, industry analyst and advisor from Business Aspect;
  • Daniel Greengarten, managing director of managed and cloud service hosting provider Bluefire;
  • Phil Goldie, director of the server and tools business group at Microsoft Australia.

In this first clip, we discuss what private cloud really means and why it's more than virtualisation.

Tune in later this week and next week for further instalments, and big thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring the series.


    Q: Lifehacker Live: Why Does Private Cloud Matter?
    Q: 'This video is private.'

    I see...

    Oh, sweet irony, how we loathe and/or love thee...

    You fixed it. Now my other post seems stupid and this one seems bitter. Damn you.

    Really nice work Angus, I'm looking forward to some more...

    Professionally done!

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