Qantas Still Speeding Through The Latest Movies

Qantas Still Speeding Through The Latest Movies

A month ago, we reported on how in-flight entertainment on some Qantas planes is now ludicrously up-to-date. I’m pleased to report that the title list is continuing to be updated, with The Descendants, My Week With Marilyn, The Arist and many others all in evidence on a flight I took yesterday.

Long-haul overseas flights with Qantas haven’t been getting entertainment “refreshes” as often as in the past — over a three-month period last year, I literally exhausted all the available options on an unchanging list. Hopefully this (along with other experiments such as on-board media streaming) signals more regular changes across the fleet. It’s not a method you’d use simply to watch a movie, but it’s a nice bonus when it happens on a long flight.


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