Make Your Own USB Dongle To Generate And Enter Passwords Automatically

If you've ever wanted a way to create your own USB dongle to automatically enter in a randomly generated password, hacker blog Code and Life has put together a tutorial for making your own from a USB and an ATtiny85.

The hack is pretty simple. The ATtiny85 is programmed to act like a USB keyboard that enters in the password and then additional software can automatically create a new password when you need it. If you like to change your password at certain time intervals, it's not a bad trick to creating a complex password you don't have to remember. Hit up the full post on Code and Life for a complete walkthrough and link to the source files.

DIY USB password generator [Code and Life via Hack A Day]


    Password generators are all very well but, as someone pointed out in a comment on another post here recently, what do you do if you find yourself in a position where you have to type the password in manually and maybe have to recall it from your brain, as happens not infrequently. For this reason, I like to have passwords I can reassemble myself.

    Are USB based virtual keyboards immune to keyloggers?

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