Snooze Your Emails To Keep Your Inbox Empty

Achieving and maintaining inbox zero might seem like a daunting or even impossible task, but with the help of email tools and a system for dealing with emails as they come in, you can have a refreshingly clear inbox.

Zee describes the two-step system on The Next Web, which involves using Boomerang, the Gmail plugin we've mentioned a few times before (it's free to try but costs for more emails per month). You could instead add your own snooze button to Gmail with an apps script.

So in the system, you read and reply to your emails in the morning, then throughout the day only reply to the emails that you can within 30 seconds. Everything else you Boomerang (or snooze) to the next morning.

Sure, this isn't really a new concept or a mind-blowing revelation, but the process Zee outlines is great because it sets up rules for dealing with emails (a set time to deal with long ones, only handle short ones throughout the day).

You might want to choose a different email processing time, however, such as the afternoon, because checking email in the morning is a productivity-buster.

What do you think? Ready to tame your inbox?

How to keep your inbox empty in two simple steps [The Next Web]


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