Schedule A ‘No Spend’ Day And Challenge Yourself To Be Frugal

Schedule A ‘No Spend’ Day And Challenge Yourself To Be Frugal

It may seem silly to try to go a single day without spending any money at all, but think about how frequently we use credit and debit cards on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s a cup of coffee on the way to work, or lunch out with coworkers, or even an impulse buy at Amazon, it’s no surprise many of us have trouble managing our daily finances. Take back control by scheduling “no spend” days, where you commit to not spending a cent unless you absolutely have to.Photo by ginza_line.

Regular, necessary expenses like fuel, bills and other charges notwithstanding, a “no spend” day can help you get some psychological control over your spending habits, and save you a bit of money in the process. Make the occasion a weekly affair, or even more regular than that, and you’ll notice the money you used to spend just because you could is now safe in your bank account, accruing quietly for bigger goals or future savings. The Frugal Dad scheduled just such a day and remarked that it was more difficult than he anticipated, but he learnt a lot. For many people on tight incomes, “no spend” days are pretty much every day, but for those people who wouldn’t blink at a $4 cup of coffee every morning or an impulse stop at the drive-through for lunch, this technique could help. Would you try a no spend day, or is this every day in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The “No-Spend” Day Challenge [Frugal Dad]


  • I did a no spend month, these were my rules;

    – Food was exempt, however no restaurants/bars (I don’t drink so that helps too)
    – Fuel was except as I need to get to work
    – Standard monthly bills like the phone, my hosting etc don’t count.

    I basically wanted to stop any App buying, digital downloads on like Steam and XBLA and stuff, impulse online buys, bargains and such and cut out all games, DVD’s, Blurays and everything else crap I usually buy in a month.

    And that was pretty much it, so far this month I’ve spent <$100 on stuff, some things I couldn't avoid like peoples birthdays, but no games, no apps, no digital downloads, nothing.

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