Play Old DOS Floppy Disk Games On Your Android Tablet

Most retro gamers use emulators to play old school games on their Android device, but if you still have your old floppy disk games and a USB floppy drive ($US11 at Amazon) you can play them on your Android tablet directly using an Android app port of DOSbox.

YouTube user pedrocatalao found out that by connecting an external floppy drive via USB to his Samsung tablet by way of a docking station and a powered USB hub the tablet had the proper drives to operate the drive. He played the game using an Android port of DOSBox.

Have you found interesting ways to combine retro tech with your latest and greatest gadgets? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Floppy Disk Drive + Keyboard + Android = Pure Nostalgic Fun [via Hack a Day]


    This is both sad and impressive at the same time.

    Shouldn't they be able to do something similar with a usb stick on it's own? I would love to reanimate Elite, that thing was a major time killer in it's day.

      A USB stick?? are you CRAZY?! You can't play Zak McKraken on a USB stick! You'd miss out on all the clicks and hums as the game loads, it's just not the same. Soon you'll be suggesting I upgrade my valves to transistors and throw away my vinyls!

      Pfft, a USB stick...

        You might want to switch to decaf, he's asking a question! :)

    That defeats the whole point of the portability of a tablet though.

    I recently pulled out my old Microbee 16k...
    But seems I don't really need it any more. will allow me to load my old
    tape based games for a play online.

    I love old school games, they bring back so many good memories. Especially Amiga games, going to my cousins place (He had a A500) was like going to the arcades with unlimited coins :-).

    But I think the as Sydney2K said it ruins the portability of a tablet. Maybe best to run DosBox on a desktop PC :-)

    I am still impressed though don't get me wrong!

    I might emulate android on my windows 7 in mac bootcamp so I can play old text adventure games.

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