How Many Prepaid Reminders Do You Need?

Surely not as many as Telstra seems to think. Every month, as a Telstra customer, I get multiple reminders that my credit is about to expire. Not just two or three, but as many as five SMS reminders over a 25-minute period. I think I'd prefer it if they sent me one SMS when my credit actually expires. Who's with me?

I've been on a Telstra prepaid SIM since my Vodafone contract expired a couple of years ago. My needs change on a month-to-month basis, so being able to upsize or downsize my talk/data cap every time I recharge is important to me. I understand that being reminded to recharge is an integral part of the prepaid arrangement, but this is just really annoying.

I tweeted Telstra once last year asking them what was up with the recharge reminder spam. Whoever mans the Twitter account apologised and said Telstra was working on a fix. I tweeted again over the weekend after coming to my wit's end — the phone buzzed every couple of minutes over a half hour period as I was trying to have a nap. This was the response:

All I need is one reminder, on the day that my credit expires, telling me that I need to recharge. How many reminders do you get with your carrier? How often do you want a top-up reminder? Tell us in the comments.


    Well known issue or well executed harassment !?

    Oh god yes. First comment on this blog, because I couldn't agree with you more. I've also had the nap issue, or in the middle of a conversation, or the constant buzzes making it look like I'm slacking off at work.

    These days, it's so easy to instantly recharge, why do I need a reminder until my credit has actually run out? Is it to coax me into recharging early just so I don't have to put up with the annoyance?

    And it's not just the credit expiry reminders. Two days into my relationship with Telstra, they noticed I'd "recently been to a Telstra store" and wanted to know about my experience. Too needy. Commitment issues.

    On the upside, you aren't with vodaphone.

    The insane amount of reminders i get are making me look at other providers. I've had enough.
    I once got 8 in about 30mins. They even send me them 2 days AFTER i have recharged! They constantly send them it me when I don't need to recharge.
    If they don't fix it soon, I'm going to have to switch. I can't put up with it for much longer.

    i would personally rather this than what happened with vodafone late last year where i received a txt proclaiming that i was over my data limit and owed over $1000.

    the systems that send out these txts can be up to 48 hours out of date, so if they wait until after you have used your credit to send you a txt, you may have gone way over your limits, worst case scenario, 3 or 4 days (if it happens on a weekend) prior to receiving the txt

    i would rather receive 10 txts telling me i'm near my limit than 1 after it's all gone.

    if you're having a nap, put your phone on silent!

    I have this problem too, it's because it's letting you know about each plus pack- data, extra credit, plus pack (text pack?)

    I haven't done pre-paid for a while but when I did, I used to HATE how they force me to listen to what amount to unskipable advertisements telling me the awesome benefits of recharging.... when I was just dialing up to activate the re-charge I had ALREADY PURCHASED !!! Thanks Vodafone....

    I just joined Prepaid Telstra when I worked out I got the same credit for $40 as I was on a $79 cap plan.

    I did receive about 5 recharge messages and thought it might have been a teathing issue being a new prepaid member. Telstra please fix this issue...

    I now try not to recharge until I really need to make a call, sometimes 4 - 5 days after expiry. If you don't use all the credit, this can really help save $$$.

    Yep, was also getting about 8 messages in the days surrounding the expiry period. Drove me insane - not enough to stop me going on a contract with them though for a new phone ;)

    Yes the messages are excessive but I don't agree with not getting a message until it is too late. This could leave someone without credit when they need to use it because they didn't realise that the expiry was coming, and also if you wait until it expires, then you can't rollover your unused credit.

    The one I hate is when I get a sms sayin my bonus data has expired even though I used all of it already and received a notice to tell me I used up all that data.

    Also, then send two alerts for data; one when it gets low and one when it runs out. I have never only received the low data message. What do they consider low? 1 mb?

    On Vodaphone, if I top up the prepaid plan prior to it expiring, my previous minutes roll over.

    It's a no brainer that I want them to keep reminding me until I top it up. The alternative (for them) is a bunch of customers ringing up and complaining that "their lost time" should be restored because "they only missed by a day!?!"

    Totally disagree. Thanks for wasting five minutes of my time.

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