Telstra Offering Recharge Via SMS For Prepaid Customers

Telstra Offering Recharge Via SMS For Prepaid Customers

Given the plethora of 24-hour convenience stores in major cities and the availability of online top-up services, getting extra credit on a prepaid phone is never that hard. But having more choices is always welcome, so Telstra’s introduction of SMS recharge for its prepaid phone customers is good news.

Once you’ve registered payment details (either credit card or direct debit) and chosen a pin number with the service, you can top up by sending the amount you want to recharge (in whole dollars) plus the pin number to 125 8885. A confirmation text is sent when the payment goes through.

It’s a potentially useful option, though Telstra’s certainly not the first mobile company to offer it; Optus already has a similar scheme in place.



    • I’m of the opinion that the Cap+ bonus on vouchers bought at Coles is a better deal – especially when you consider the fact that it pushes the included value ahead of Optus and VF. All on a network that works better in more places… but keep it to yourself. 🙂

  • Telstra has always had an easier option

    Just dial #100# from the phone and it brings up the recharge options on screen. You can choose from either a voucher or credit card, no need for registration or anything else. Don’t know why Telstra doesn’t just promote that instead.

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