Foxtel Xbox AFL Will Cost $50 A Month

Foxtel has outlined the pricing for its Foxtel on Xbox 360 AFL broadcasts, which let you watch matches live through your console. It's not cheap, but it is cheaper than getting a full-blown pay TV subscription.

The Footy Play channel launches on February 17, and will offer eight live games a week (which means one game a week will be a delayed broadcast). Up to five of those will be ad-free throughout the match. There will also be ad-free broadcasts of 25 NAB cup matches, plus access to a range of Foxtel's existing AFL panel programs. A Footy Play+ catchup channel will show some games when there's a clash with multiple live games at the same time. The announcement release doesn't mention what happens with semi-finals and grand finals.

The service is free for existing Foxtel on Xbox 360 subscribers until March 17 (when the NAB Cup finishes). After that, you'll need to be signed up to the Sports Pack (which costs $29.50 a month) and then pay an additional $20 a month for Footy Pass. You can sign up for the whole season of Footy Pass for $100 (which gives you two months free). That works out to a total cost of $306.50 for the season.

That's certainly cheaper than signing up for full-blown Foxtel, though the latter gets you a lot more channels. You'll also want to be on BigPond (which doesn't count Foxtel on Xbox 360 against download totals) or have a very large data allowance.

Some other tweaks have also been made to the basic Foxtel on Xbox 360 service. All subscribers now get access to ESPN2, while CNN has been dumped from the basic package and replaced with Cartoon Network, which is one of the odder swaps I can imagine.


    So takeup will be minimal then.
    Why should I have to sign up to a Sports pack showing sports I'm not interested in to be able to watch the only sport I am interested in paying for?
    Make it $30/month without the sport pack (which is still too expensive for me) and there might be some more interest.

      Agreed. Forcing me to subscribe to other services I have no interest in for $50/month won't win me over. Charge $20 or even $25/month for just the AFL and I'd sign up - and my guess is many more would too. Wouldn't that be more attractive economics? 1 in 20 might cop the $50, but 4 in 20 might pay $25 just for the footy. Disappointed with the lack of flexibility of Foxtel still – very same reason I dumped their cable service 4 years ago.

    Can I get NHL? I like real sports played by real men.

      That's why those 'real men' wear helmets and padding - weak breeds. AFL players would take the puck in the face and puck would get concussion.

    $50 + internet usage. Looks like I'll be relying on dodgy internet streams again for another year.

      James, where do you stream from? Are you talking via Telstra? or other sources?

        Have fun.

      Exactly. People are happy to pay for the service, but not at stupid prices. I'll keep streaming as well until the service is reduced to around $25-$30.

    Foxtel just can't get it through thier heads that their pricing plans for both TV and now internet TV are exclusionary because of the rigidness of their supply packages.

    I will not ay $60 plus for Pay tv when all I want is sports, I would happily pay $25 a month for sports and lose all the other crap and so would many others - this would widen their customer base and make more money, but the dipsticks over there will never see it that way.

    Can anyone comment on the quality and reliability of the broadcasts? HD costs more on Foxtel doesn't it?

    Are there any similar plans for NRL?
    @Daniel..I'm with you on the $25 a month for sports without all the other crap.


    The quality in standard def is no worse than on fta tv. Hd is native so it looks spectacular to be honest. Have a look at the foxtel packages yourself on their website. They are flexible but you might bide into their "value" packs since they do make more sense for some people but are more expensive

    Don't you have to pay for Foxtel on 360? Regardless $50 a month is nearly what I pay for internet alone..

    People who play xbox are interested in sports?

      Yes. Why wouldn't they be?

    Why not get the phone pass and an appletv and stream to tv? $50/year if on Telstra?? How would that go?

    I'm extremely disappointed by this price 'rise'. I say rise, because I was under the impression AFL would be part of the basic Sports package, not an additional ($20) add-on.

    To answer the question regarding quality of footage. What I have seen so far on the xbox rates significantly below a SD broadcast, and is not even close to a HD offering. The fast-paced movement of sport just doesn't seem to work in a compressed data stream (on the other hand, movies and regular tv seem fine). The NBA footage is a classic example, I rate the picture as poor-average at best; compares to the free OneHD broadcast from last year, it is just crap.

    Long story short; I'll be switching to a standard foxtel (+HD) subscription as the 'free trial' ends in March.

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