Emirates Adding Wi-Fi To Aussie Air Routes

From the 2nd of October Emirates passengers flying out of Australia will have the option of in-flight internet.

Picture by Alexander Hassenstein Fresh off the announcement of its ten year tie-up with Qantas, Emirates has upped the stakes by announcing that from early October, it'll offer in-flight Internet access on its A380 aircraft flying in Australia. The press release doesn't list pricing, but AusBT reports that it'll cost between $7.50 for a rather meagre 5MB up to $25 for 100MB of usage.

Would the inclusion of inflight access tilt the balance for you based on Angus' recent comparison of Emirates and Qantas' relative A380 offerings?


    holy crap, thats like mobile data pricing from 10 years ago. I use more than 5mb of data just booting up my system these days!

      Er, no.

      10 years ago in Australia mobile data was $22.53/MB, and usually block charged, and with a flagfall. And it was usable if you were lucky (assuming you got access to it at all).

      Kids these days, don't know lucky they are LOL.

    It wont be very long before some airline offers cheap inflight internet access and the rest will have to follow to remain competitive.

    $25 is a bargain for Internet on a long-haul flight. I'd pay it.

      You'd use it before the seatbelt light turns off!

    I can imagine it being like the days in the 90's when you had to turn off images in the browser just so you could read the text in a reasonable time.

    What a rip off! I'd only use that if it was a long flight.

    Dubai to SYD yesterday on Emirates, Wi-Fi already available. $2.75 for 5MB, $15 for 30MB.... I didn't need it that much.

    Agree, for a long haul flight that is a bargain! I'd have expected it be more. Dont use it if it's too expensive. I'm sure it's not aimed at mid-flight torrenting after all!

    The price is so high because I presume they are having to use a satellite service to give you your internet. That don't come cheap. Surely you just don't want to sit on your arse for 15 hours surfing the net ?

    $25 for 100MB? Actually not a bad deal. I think I paid something around that for 3G when it was new.

    Think about it. 100MB is more than enough to check your emails in flight. If you turn images off you could do quite a bit of web browsing. If you're the kind of high-flying businessman who needs to keep in touch, its a bargain!

    It's as bad as Telstra mobile broadband

    Ten times more expensive that I'm willing to pay...

    It is OK if you need to check emails etc. Not sure about Facebook as that is getting bloated with images. Those claiming 100mb would not be enough, what the hell are you wanting internet for...porn?

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