Manage Roommate Logistics With Shared Google Documents And Calendars

Privacy issues aside, we're fans of most Google services. If you have a roommate, sharing editable documents and calendars is a great way to collaborate on expenses, chores and when you're having guests over.

Household blog Apartment Therapy suggests using these Google services to keep roommate disagreements to a minimum. Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of rent and utilities.
  • Create a shared calendar for dates when bills are due and when having parties and planned overnight visitors.
  • Create another spreadsheet to budget and create shopping lists for shared items like olive oil and toilet paper.
  • Add your weekly/monthly chores to your calendar.

Sure you can use other programs or webapps, but the ability to share documents and calendars and the ubiquitous nature of Google makes this easier to implement.

What other ways do you use technology to keep roommate relationships sailing smoothly? Let us know in the comments.

Use Google Docs to Manage Dorm and Apartment Life [Apartment Therapy]


    I find it easiest to communicate with my housemates through a series of passive-aggressive notes left on the fridge door.

    Also, $15000/month for internet!

      Who spends $250 a MONTH on electricity? Mine is lucky to hit $150 a quarter...

      For an OC3 connection though, thats 155Mbps.

      @Callie: I imagine 6 people who want to share in an OC3 connection probably have a lot of hardware running 24/7.

    Or.. you know.. use SplitWise

    Splitwise for sure!
    Their mobile app needs some work, but their http version works great.

    Jon from Splitwise here. Thanks Anj and Chris - we also like our web version better than a google doc! We know we need to improve our mobile apps. so we recently took on an app expert on our team. There's a bunch of iOS update improvements that should hit the App Store this week, and we'll have some bigger updates coming in a few weeks (first for IOS, then for Android.)

    Use for sharing chores. It works, and it's free!

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