How To Suck Shampoo Back Into The Bottle

It's easy to pour out way too much shampoo from the bottle. Instead of just using it all up and wasting it away, Reddit user evdude23 shares a tip for getting the shampoo back into the bottle where it belongs.

Photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner.

If you pour out too much into your hand or towel, it's easy to get back in:

Step 1: Hold bottle pointing straight up, and squeeze only air out, compressing the bottle. Step 2: Place bottle opening into excess shampoo. Step 3: Release the compression in the bottle, sucking up the excess shampoo. Step 4: Lather, rinse and repeat

It's essentially turning your bottle into a syringe, and it works great for sucking up the excess goop that seems to come out no matter how careful you are.

What to do when you squeeze out too much shampoo/soap/conditioner [Reddit]


    really? commonsense isn't it.

    Holy Crap! This is amazing!

    All this time I've been sucking the excess shampoo into my mouth, and trying to blow it back into the bottle.

      And you know that fruit scented shampoo sure as heck doesn't taste fruity!

    My first thought was, you mean there is a better way than squeezing air out and then sucking it back in that way. Turns out not. Must be a slow how to day.

    Just about everything is obvious once we are told how... I bet this hasn't occurred to a lot of people.

    Thanks so much for this. Up to now I've been cutting the shampoo bottle in half, putting the excess shampoo back in and taping the bottle back together. But this seems much easier!

    Can you use the same method with conditioner?

    What if it's already in my hair?

    obviously not. as the title says, this is only for shampoo. you need to be using a straw for conditioner.

      What about the delicate situation of combined shampoo & conditioner? Oh no, this has opened up yet more controversy. At least another lifehacker article is required to clarify these type of issues.

    This seriously needed to be written? Desperately trying to cling to your *job* eh Thorin?

    Why hasn't someone published this trick before. Who would have thought. Amazing!

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