How To Free A Stuck Item In A Vending Machine

Although vending machine technology has improved over the years, we're still often confronted with the dilemma of paying for an item that gets stuck on its way out. While there is no surefire method to dislodging that trapped snack, how-to site wikiHow suggests that vending machines with door flaps can be used to create a rush of air that can help your food or drink reach its intended destination.

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The trick is to get your hands under the flap at the retrieval, push it up, and let it snap back quickly. Repeating this motion a few times can sometimes create enough air to help your snack fall out of place when shaking the machine doesn't work (or you don't want to draw attention by doing it). If you're unsuccessful after a few tries you should instead consider calling for help or a refund. Most vending machines have a contact number around the side that you can use to report a stuck item and receive a refund or learn how you can find someone to help you actually retrieve your purchase. It's great if you can get what you paid for without any intervention, but if you can't your best bet is to ask for help.

Free a Stuck Item from a Vending Machine [wikiHow]


    Sounds like one for Mythbusters :)

    I'm a bit dubious about this - it might work if it's a light item almost about to fall, but shaking would knock that loose anyway.

    I recommend a coathanger and an assistant with skinny arms to give you the best chance.

    My shoulder works 95% of the time.

    Just use telekinesis like a normal person. Pfff.

    *Hovers off in disgust*

    What always works for me is to push the vending machine from the top to corners until it tilts and touches the wall behind it, the feet should be about 4in off the ground. Just drop the vending machine and let the food drop out. I would recommend not standing in front of the machine as it drops in case it tips forward so it doesn't hurt you.

    I've been known to tilt the whole machine onto the two front corners and shake the bejeezus out of it....I want my Cookie!!!!

    Simplest solution is to buy another one of the same thing, so you get two for the price of two. Or much more realistically, you get two for the price of one, because we all read between the lines and know what your article was really about. :)

    the best way is a shoulder to the side (not the front) of the vending machine.

    This happened to me the other day and no matter what I could not get the can out :(

    These machines kill!

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