DIY Garage Ceiling Storage System

Need more storage space in your garage? You can construct ceiling flanges from wood that will hold any heavy-duty plastic storage bin and expand your options.

The Family Handyman site says this project can be done over a weekend with around $75 worth of wood and other materials. You'll cut the wood, assemble the flanges, and mount them to your ceiling joists. Once assembled, slide your storage bins in the flange.

I don't recommend storing heavy materials this way, but for Christmas ornaments, camping gear and other seldom-used items this method chould work well.

Hit the original post for full instructions, a materials list and step-by-step photos.

Create a Sliding Storage System on the Garage Ceiling [Family Handyman via Apartment Therapy]


    Unless you're renting. Then you can't do shit!

      You could buy a house...

      Time to start thinking outside the box. I can think of a number of ways you could do something similar to this without affixing anything permanently. fail to mention any?

        Oh...I know. Think outside the box! I know how to create free energy, cure cancer and prevent alien probing (*if* you dislike that sort of thing) with a handful of household items.

        (This is my way of asking you to please elaborate)

    This is actually a good idea! I have no ceiling in my tin shed, but a few stringers and I can finally get all my crap off the floor and get the missus off my back! :)

    Don't do this if you live in an earthquake prone area e.g. anywhere in New Zealand.

    Labeling the boxes is a great idea, how about using clear boxes?

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