Organise Your Backyard Tools With This Simple, Cheap Hanging System

Build this simple and cheap hanging system to organise your rakes, shovels and brooms and keep them safely off the ground.

Backyard tools are awkward to store and are dangerous when left in disorganized piles. The best solution is to hang your tools along your garage or storage shed walls. Instead of buying a rack system off the shelf, though, make your own for less money. This system makes the tools easy to access and will prevent tripping.

Start by measuring the length of wall space you will use and buy wood to match it. If you've got the ceiling height, you can stack your storage space as shown in the above video.

Locate your wall studs and drive deck screws through your timber to attach it to the wall. Use the same screws or nails to create "hangers" that will hold the head of your tools.

You can improve on this basic design by attaching utility hooks, instead of using screws.

Hang Tools for Cheap [Tomahawk DIY (YouTube)]


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