Win Navigon MobileNavigator For iOS With Lifehacker

Let the giveaways continue! Today, we've got 10 copies of Navigon's MobileNavigator app for lucky readers.

Using your iDevice as a navigator is a sensible choice on the road, but you need a good app with up-to-date mapping data to ensure you'll reach your destination. The MobileNavigator app runs on both iPhone and iPad, and you can add in optional updates for Live Traffic, 3D navigation, truck details and more.

MobileNavigator is normally priced at $69.95. That in itself is a lot cheaper than a separate GPS, but if you win today's contest, you'll get it for nothing!

To enter, tell us in 30 words or less which unusual destination in Australia you'd like to visit and why. The 10 best and most creative entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of the app. Entries close Friday December 16 at 12:30PM, so don't delay! Full terms and conditions here. (And a note for our Android-toting readers: we were keen to offer some Android codes as well, but there's not an easy gift/promo code mechanism for Android. Sob!)


    Bald nob, NSW. My favourite suburb to use every-time I have to do user acceptance testing. I know it's childish but you have to something to laugh at during testing :)


    The pinnacles in Perth. Strage termite shaped mounds which make you feel like your have been transported to Mars on an intergalactic mission. Very strage and interesting place....

    Not sure how much help the Navigon would be? But I'd like to go to me.....

    Would love to take my family for a road trip from Brisbane to the great ocean road in beautiful Victoria, and hopefully it gets us home safe and sound.

    Whatever place is at the end of the road to nowhere. Can't find it in the refidex.

    Regardless Uluru / Ayers Rock 400 meters high with a nine kilometers circumference.The monolith rock. It is especially beautiful at sunset and sunrise

    'Come by Chance' NSW, purely for the irony.

    Uluru. Where dreamtime is

    I think this place would be somewhat interesting (only because of the name)

    Murdering Gully Road, Table Cape, Tasmania

    Reading that address, I picture someone in a cape being murdered in a gully after being found hiding under a table in Tasmania.

    I want to park the car at Ayers Rock, save it as my home position, go back to Melbourne then use the take me home route!

    Every town mentioned in the song "I've Been Everywhere", so I can also say "I've been everywhere, man". This app will help me do that.

    Definately to the border of SA/NSW/QLD, because who wouldn't wanna be in 3 states at once?!

    Monkey Mia about 850 kms north from Perth. Coming from Sydney, a navigon gps app would come in handy. I think the journey to Monkey Mia is the adventure.

    The Whitsunday islands. I just hope Navigon tells me to turn at the right time so I don't crash in to any coral. In 30 metres turn left just past the box jellyfish.

    Mungo National Park - I want to photograph the "Walls of China".

    Anyone win? Or this is fake ?

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