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Let the giveaways continue! Today, we've got 10 copies of Navigon's MobileNavigator app for lucky readers.

Using your iDevice as a navigator is a sensible choice on the road, but you need a good app with up-to-date mapping data to ensure you'll reach your destination. The MobileNavigator app runs on both iPhone and iPad, and you can add in optional updates for Live Traffic, 3D navigation, truck details and more.

MobileNavigator is normally priced at $69.95. That in itself is a lot cheaper than a separate GPS, but if you win today's contest, you'll get it for nothing!

To enter, tell us in 30 words or less which unusual destination in Australia you'd like to visit and why. The 10 best and most creative entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of the app. Entries close Friday December 16 at 12:30PM, so don't delay! Full terms and conditions here. (And a note for our Android-toting readers: we were keen to offer some Android codes as well, but there's not an easy gift/promo code mechanism for Android. Sob!)


    I think it would have to be Yorkeys Knob in Far North QLD ( It looks like it has a nice beach and a great area to go for a sail - plus how many people could you have fun with telling them you went to see Yorkey's Knob!!!!

    Barrow creek, NT - its what wolf creek was based on and mick the bartender has tales of snakes, spiders and locals that make you realise why!

    To Parliament House, Canberra to see them cheering over hard-earned tax money.

    Unusual place for me would be "point Labatt", it charm and peaceful, It on western side of Eyre peninsula. You will never feel any stress when you see the nice sandy beaches and excellent place for relax your mind

    Sydney Opera House, the very place where hopes and dreams of becoming Australian Idols are dashed, even for the winners (where are they now, anyway?)

    ACT parliament probably would be an unusual place. Since all australian politician wages goes up at least double and we should go and visit them.

    Esperance in Western Australia for it's beauty. It would truly be a holiday while still being home. And the drive there would need a handy, reliable GPS app!

    ACT parliament would be a nice place to visit. Maybe you could get a chance to see Australia prime minister.

    Since I watched Ancient Aliens, sadly I want to go to Black Mountainm having never hear of it until then. Such a strange and mysterious place to go see and explore, maybe get lost...
    skip to about 19mins...

    Woodenbong - New South Wales. Need to get there before the Nimbin hippies do.

    Batemans Bay in southern coast of NSW, It a fisherman's paradise. It is one of the finest areas for fishing in southern Australia. it is also a haven for anyone who enjoys swimming, surfing or bush walking in an unspoiled setting

    I'd like to visit Coober Pedy in South Australia. With 80% of the population living and working underground due to the heat, it'd be amazing to see an underground city built in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I might find myself an opal or two!

    That's okay - android users can just use the free, built-in navigation app.

    I would love to visit the Hutt River Province and meet with the Prince and his family. A wild place.

    Eggs And Bacon Bay! Because I love a good breakie!

    I'd go visit my mum interstate. I know the easy way to get there, but with Navigon I'd be able to take the road less travelled

    Ultimate road trip from east to west around Australia - driving from Byron Bay NSW to Canarvon WA.

    It shows its distinctive red colouration at dusk. The Anangu Aboriginal people try to dissuade visitors from climbing Uluru as it is to them a sacred site of deep spiritual significance.

    Last weekend I found a hairdresser in footscray called "Tranny hairdressers". I would use MobNav to head there after a brief stop for a ball gown at the salvos Brunswick.

    Just keep driving. Every places you visit in Australia is unusual.

    My wife's handbag - it is apparently the Bermuda Triangle of Australia. Hopefully the Navigon will highlight the missing keys / phone / purse as points of interest on the way out...

    I would love to see if it can get me to Lotza Rocks in NSW ...

      Looks like I've got lotza rocks on my road!

    Sydney CBD, have you ever seen any place where the roads make less sense??

    Cradle Mountain, Tasmania! The views are breathtaking and the resident wombats adorable, plus it would be the first time I leave QLD since my arrival in Australia five years ago. :)

    anywhere thats not home and work!! but more specifically the daintree rainforest , Far north Queensland

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