$US50 Gets You Six Decent Mac Apps

I'm always a sucker for app bundles, which is why I pick up every single indie game bundle even if I only like one of the games — it's cheaper to buy it now in case I need it later. This Bundle Hunt is the same, but with six useful apps and six design add-ons.There's BannerZest Pro, which makes banners for websites; DEVONthink, for personal data organisation; Little Snitch, that tells you if the apps you use are calling home without your permission; PulpMotion, for animated presentations; Disk Drill, for file recovery; and MacPilot, for system customisation. The goodies are 10 design ebooks, three Wordpress themes, a bunch of Vectors, four more Wordpress themes from Themify, an icon set and four copywriting ebooks.

If you think you need about two or three of these apps, $US50 sounds like a pretty good deal. Little Snitch and Disk Drill seem like ones that are nice to keep around for emergencies.

Bundle Hunt


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