iTunes Updates To Version 10.5.2

Today Apple released the latest update to its popular audio and video behemoth, claiming to improve performance with iTunes Match (not an issue for Aussies yet), and eliminate general audio glitches experienced by some users.

The update is available for download right now, so just run Software Update on your Mac or Windows PC or head on over to Apple to download it directly.

iTunes [Apple via MacRumors]


    Wonder if it still runs like a palsied slug...

      Lol very true, you pretty much have to press Sync and then run for the hills or just go on holiday for several days

    Yet another update for me to have to ignore repeatedly.

    Don't understand why this software is so bloated... I hate fancy window graphics that make programs look like they were made by second-rate designers that insist on adding rediculous bevels and silly fonts. Dont even get me started on quicktime player....

    It surprises me how few people have realised that Windows iTunes is Apple's primary strategy to get PC owners to buy a mac.

      It's a weird strategy: "look what crappy software we write -come over and try some more!"

      I have found that most problems I've looked up on iTunes forums are also replicated on the Mac version. Apple just adds more issues by deliberately ignoring Windows UI interaction guidelines and standards in a way that makes Mac-fans pulse with loathing if Microsoft does it on a Mac.

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