How Do You Like To Check On Flight Disruptions?

How Do You Like To Check On Flight Disruptions?

Weather, mechanical dramas, late-running crew and airport woes mean delays happen no matter which airline you fly on. What’s your preferred way of learning about them?

I started reflecting on this issue after learning that Virgin Atlantic has a Twitter account bot which will give you flight status details. Just send it an @message with your flight number (and port if it’s a multi-sector flight) and you’ll get a reply with the currently known details.

The Twitter option is fast and doesn’t use much data, but if you’ve got a Twitter-capable device, you presumably can also check on a mobile browser. That’s what I tend to do, and I’m constantly surprised at how sites often have more up-to-date information than screens in the airport itself.

And with that said, if I’m on the flight and have registered my mobile number, I’d expect a text message for any delay over about 30 minutes. But what does everyone else think? How do you like to learn about flight delays? Does the Twitter option tempt you? Tell is in the comments.


  • Back when the ash cloud was cancelling and delaying flights I was in a taxi on my way to the airport hoping to catch the last flight out of Perth to Melbourne.

    I used the Qantas mobile site to check flight status, and when the flight was eventually cancelled the mobile site was updated before the boards in the airport. I did not get an SMS update as the flight kept getting delayed and eventually cancelled on this occasion, which I thought was somewhat odd.

    Same thing with the recent Qantas strikes. I was rebooked on various flights from Sydney to Perth, and to keep myself informed I’d use the mobile site to check if flights were departing. I also got an SMS each time a flight was cancelled.

  • I use iPhone apps like FlightBoard, Flight Track, etc. I have also used TripIt Pro. These are only short term solutions e.g. flight is delayed on that day. TripIt Pro sends SMS updates, but it is a pay service (had a free trial)

  • I was delayed by two hours last night on a Virgin Flight. Their communication in the concourse was dreadful – no PA announcements, nothing on the board.

    I checked on their webpage, and confirmed with a lady at the desk. I asked her to use the PA to advise customers that flight was delayed – I ended up just shouting it out myself.

  • Since most of the time I fly, I am the pilot, I kinda know if my flight is going to be delayed or cancelled, lolz, although most of the time I am the only person in the plane, or sometimes have a friend with me, so it ends up not being that big a deal. 😉

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