Do Drinks Tickets At Festivals Put You Off?

It’s nearly summer and the music festivals are about to start. If you hit a festival, you might find you’re asked to buy drinks tickets or tokens rather than paying at the bar directly. Is that a useful way to speed up service, or a major hassle?

Picture by Garry Knight

At Mess+Noise, Matt Shea asked festival promoters to explain why they did (or didn’t) adopt the tickets concept. Opinions vary, but the consensus seems to be that promoters like tickets for multi-day events (less need for a massive cash float) but are less keen at shorter events (where people don’t always know how much they’ll want). Functions not offering refunds on unused tickets are identified as a major turn-off.

What’s your preference: one queue for tickets and then faster drinks service, or taking your chances with a standard bar? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks Josh G for the pointer!

Why Do Festivals Persist With Drink Tickets? [Mess+Noise]

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