Daily App Deals: Get ADWLauncher EX For 10c

The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale.

The Best

ADWLauncher EX (Android Market) Previously $3.99, now $0.10. ADWLauncher EX for Android is a home-screen replacement that allows you to customise your home screen layout, themes, icons and more. And as we mentioned earlier today, the app has updated to include a number of features that emulate Ice Cream Sandwich. Get it for just $0.10.



The Rest




  • Washing Machine 2 [Deals2Have — Previously $US10, now $US4.25 with coupon code LIFEHACKER15]
  • The Video Bundle [Deals2Have — Previously $US123, now $US29.75 with coupon code LIFEHACKER15]


    ADWLauncher EX:
    "Services that cost you money:
    directly call phone numbers"

    ... WTF?

      Jess that is notmail for ALL launchers. GO launcher us the same, i use it, it doesnt make calls on you behalf or anyhting, u just use it to make your calls

      i am more bothered by the fact i still have to pay $3.15 bs

        Yup yup.. because you are using the Launcher's "dialing" functionality, it needs permission to make the call when you want to. Otherwise you'd have to revert to your old home screen before making a call, every time.

    edit: rebooted phone and i caould get it for 10c


    Also if you have HTC, none of your Sence Widgets will be usable. just download better ones like Beautiful Widgets

    Just curious if anyone knows of an app that allows me to move multiple icons, on Android, to other home screens. I can do it one at a time of course.. and I can do it, I think, with the Samsung KIES web interface when connected to computer.. but I want to be able to quickly move multiple app icons between home screens on the go. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, if that helps.

    A good deal should I say. Android users will definitely buy this app. Hope I can still find this kind of deal. Check out this site and you will find the best daily deals www.vouchersin.com.au/daily-deals-in-Canberra

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