ADWLauncher EX Updates With Improvements

ADWLauncher EX Updates With Improvements

ADWLauncher EX, one of our favourite launchers on Android, has updated to include a number of features that emulate Ice Cream Sandwich, including a better dock, drag-and-drop folder creation and a new ICS-based look.

If you’ve been itching to get some Ice Cream Sandwich action on your phone, look no further than the newest version of ADWLauncher EX. The newest version adds a new unified dock, which supports drag-and-drop addition of icons, an app drawer with side-to-side scrolling and Ice Cream Sandwich-style folders, which let you drag and drop icons together to instantly create a folder. It also uses an Ice Cream Sandwich inspired desktop indicator, and it includes a bunch of performance improvements. Not to mention, it’s only 10 cents today in the Android Market — so even if you haven’t used it before, now’s a great time to try it out. Hit the link below to try it out, and check out ADW’s blog post for more info.

ADWLauncher EX [Android Market via ADWThings]


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