Stanza Ereader Returns With iOS 5 Compatibility

Stanza was one of the first ereader apps available on the iPhone, and it quickly gained popularity due to its support for multiple file formats and customisation options. But after Amazon bought Stanza, updates became less frequent.

The app was incompatible with iOS 5, and many feared that Amazon would never fix it. Today, however, Amazon has released an update that brings iOS 5 compatibility to the app so Stanza fans can get back to reading on their iOS devices (unless they are still running iOS 4, as there are reports that this update is only compatible with iOS 5).

iTunes [via The Digital Reader]


    YES. Thankyou. The few replacements I found weren't nearly as good.

    ... But it doesn't bloody work with 5.01! So for five minutes I had stanza back, and now it's gone again! Grrrrr

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