Is There Any Reason I Shouldn’t Upgrade To iOS 5 Right Now?

Is There Any Reason I Shouldn’t Upgrade To iOS 5 Right Now?

Everyone may be talking about iOS 5 like it’s the second coming, but you might be wondering what the catches are. There aren’t many, but there are a few reasons you might want to hold off on updating. Here’s what the situation looks like right now.

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Don’t get us wrong, iOS 5 is amazing — and if your hardware supports it, it’s definitely an update you want to make. However, depending on your situation, you might want to wait a few days rather than rush into things. Mainly, you have two issues to be aware of: jailbreaking and the dreaded “Error 3200”.

You’ll Lose Your Jailbreak (and Unlock)


If you have a jailbroken device, you probably don’t want to update just yet. If you do, you’ll lose that jailbreak, meaning you’ll be back on stock iOS without any of your jailbroken apps or customisations. If that’s OK with you, then go for it, but if not, don’t update just yet.

You can grab a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 right now, if you want to deal with the hassle — but an untethered jailbreak is on the way, so if you’re patient, we recommend just waiting a bit for that to come out before going through the update.

It’s also important to note that a few previous jailbreak-only features — like custom text message sounds, better notifications, camera buttons on the lock screen, among others — are actually built-in to iOS 5. So, if these are among the reasons you jailbreak, updating to iOS 5 now might be worth it, since you’ll get all those features anyway.

Everyone’s Trying to Update Now, and It’s Causing Lots of Errors


The other issue with iOS 5 is, unfortunately, its popularity. Apple’s servers are getting slammed right now, which means many people are getting an “Error 3200” or “Internal Error” when trying to update. If you get this error, it means iTunes can’t make a connection to Apple’s servers. You can try downloading the IPSW yourself and updating, but you might still run into the error since iTunes needs to connect with Apple to authenticate your device. So, once again, if you’re getting this error and can afford to wait, we recommend saving yourself a lot of time and hassle by just giving it a day or two to slow down first.

Overall, there’s really no reason not to update to iOS 5. It’s awesome. However, if you fall into either of the above camps, you have a pretty good reason for waiting, depending on how important the update is to you.


  • Well I was late for work this morning.

    1) If you Apple ID is not an email address you will be forced to use one, so make sure you have one ready.

    2) It will force iCloud on you but this is pretty useless if your main box is on Snow Leopard still because there is no support for it on iCloud. Not going to upgrade on a whim to Lion just for iCloud

    3) Upgrade took me 3-4 hours

    4)When using an MDM platform Apple forces you to encrypt your backups with a password. Unless you’ve done a restore you would not have used that password since. You need the password to upgrade to 5. We have 1000 sales staff who are going to run into this.

  • Experienced the errors and connection problems yesterday (was nearly late for work). At one stage my phone looked to be completely wiped of all data and only displayed a “connect to itunes message” with nothing else on it working. Once I managed a connection after 20 restarts of computer and about 100 attempts I had to restore the whole thing which took hours and hours. Fortunately at the end of it the option was to install all the back up data from x date. Had I not done a back up I’d have lost everything.

  • I lost all my contacts when I synced with iCloud. This seems to be a very common issue and others are reporting loss of other data such as calendars. iTunes’ so-called backups not worth the name.

    Restore doesn’t remember folders.
    Sometimes it restores uninstalled apps.

    I had to create a mobile me account to sync Notes (but nothing else) which seems to now mean I have two apple identity emails.

    While my iTunes and iPhone etc are all in English, my iTunes store is in France. This means I now have a mishmash of bilIngual text in my apps as Apple (like Google) is still too dumb to figure out stuff that Microsoft worked out 15 years ago.

  • pffft! I updated a 3GS this morning entirely hassle free, and I updated my iPHone 4 yesterday morning hassle free also. Had a minor glitch with my iPad, but on the second attempt all was well.

    • ditto – iphone 4 upgraded no problems,took about an hour – ipad 1 needed to re-start the process, but also took about an hour

      (running win7 and itunes 10.5)

  • Went from a jailbroken 3GS to iOS 5 – enough temptation in the features to give it a shot. Dearly, dearly missing SBSettings and Five Icon Dock, however, but that’s about it for me.

  • I tried updating my dad’s iphone 3gs to ios 4 in the past but he lost all his contacts and would not work so I think waiting until the error 3500 has been fixed is a good idea.

  • Updated my iPad 2 this morning without error. However I kicked off the update last night, and it took over 3 hours to download the software. I’m pretty sure the problem wasn’t at my end.

    Disconnected the iPad while the download was happening. Reconnected this morning and updated in about 5 minutes.

  • Dont do it, wait for 5.0.1.

    I can only partially restore as I supposedly don’t have enough capacity. Apparently the 128k option in iTunes is ignored. Every time I connect to iTunes it asks me to restore.

    Come back Steve Jobs.

  • Would update my jailbroken ipad but I don’t want to lose Xbox Media Center. Then again, a tethered jailbreak might be fine. (Don’t remember ever having to reboot the thing.) IOS5 has given my 3GS a new lease of life. When did voice control start talking in a New Zealand accent?

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