Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Security Suite Voting Open


    ESET Smart Security + 1

    I can't vote, because my choice is ESET which I don't believe it's not included in the options.

    And me - ESET.

    Bloody hell, this comes up a lot and the answer for me has always been MS Essentials! Catches everything, doesn't slow my system and it doesn't nag me either!

    MSSE effectiveness has been all over the place in independent trials. It started out really good, and has vacillated to fairly average performance.

    In other words, its an 'ok' solution if you want free, know what you are doing, and dont have much to lose by chancing infection. Its not an appropriate product when compared with decent commercial products (note that Im not saying *all* commercial AV's are 'decent' - Im talking about the good ones) and should probably not be installed on any business machines as the sole protection mechanism.

    The notion that its a 'great' AV is a misconception if you consider what the independent tests are saying by way of comparatives with other products.

    MS Essentials or Avast

    Vipre for me!

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