Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Domestic Airline Voting Open

You've suggested candidates and now it's time for the voting to begin in the Lifehacker Awards 2011. First category where we want your vote: best domestic airline.

We've collated a list of five nominees from your suggestions, and you can vote for your favourite below.

Lifehacker Awards: What was the best domestic airline for 2011?

Voting will run until Monday November 28. We'll have more categories to vote in throughout the week, so keep checking back in to support your favourites.


    Silly question here but why is this happening? Voting for the best demestic airline in Australia. There is only 3 or 4 in Australia, which isn't really enough for a good vote. Airports or Cities/Towns are broken up so only a certain airline can fly to, which is very annoying to be honest and because of this, only 2 can be voted on if you include locations that you can fly and from (no doubt this won't be one of the voting requirements)


    Just for perversity i voted Tiger - Not because I think they're the best domestic airline (I flew with them once and will again in a few months), but because their reckless cost cutting and questionable safety practices have forced Virgin and Jetstar to compete on thin margins and low cost bases even more than they otherwise might have.
    So thanks Tiger, and please try not to crash any planes in February :)

      If allowed for featured comments like the main site, this would no doubt be number one.

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