GarageBand Released For iPhone And iPod Touch

Apple released a version of its GarageBand music creation software for the iPad back in March, and now it has converted that into a universal version that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch as well. As with the original iPad version, you don't get the same range of features as in the original Mac product, but you can export tracks created on your device into the desktop version for further refinement.

This is more likely to be a productivity killer than an enhancement, but I suspect lots of iPhone owners will be racing to download it. GarageBand costs $5.49, and requires iOS 4.3 or later. Existing owners of the iPad version can upgrade for free to the new combined version.

GarageBand [iTunes]


    Half a freakin' gigabyte for a phone app.

    Next time someone says Office or Windows is bloated...

      Rage HD is 750mb.

      "Next time someone says Office or Windows is bloated…"

      Have you even played around with GarageBand? if you have then you would know the reason why its half a gig.

        You miss part of my point.

        Would that be the same reason that Office is about that size? Although I can at least strip back a lot of the unused parts of Office so it's not taking up so much space - which is more of an issue on my phone. And because Apple doesn't use any patching technology - every .0001 version update will mean downloading the whole product again. Which took 2+ hours.

    I suppose this is alright, i'll keep it on my iPad 2 though, i think my 3GS would ignite if i try to load this app.

    Wow. Half a gig. Glad i swapped to WiFi.
    Glad it's ported over. As this is great fun on the iPad I am very happy. Something for nothing is always good.

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