DIY Flaming Rock Bowls Light Up Any Backyard

DIY Flaming Rock Bowls Light Up Any Backyard
Image: b3 Home Designs
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If you want to give your backyard a little design flare for your next get-together, or you’d just like a fire feature for your patio to enjoy on a lazy afternoon, these fire bowls are built to shoot flame up through the rocks in the bowl from the centre as soon as they’re lit.

You’ll need quick-set concrete, some river rocks, a chafing disk fuel pack (Sterno containers), a large plastic bowl, a can and a few tools to put it all together, but it’s remarkably quick and easy (about 30 minutes’ work) considering the ingredients needed to make this fire effect come to life. Once it’s all finished, just put the bowl outside, light the Sterno, and sit back and enjoy the fire. it looks great and adds some real atmosphere. Would you give this a shot, or would you tackle this project differently? Share your DIY tips in the comments below.

Project 1: Rock + Bowl + Flame [b3 Home Designs via Curbly]


  • ‘some river rocks’ – Great, obviously someone who’s never been camping…

    Which eye clinic can I send the Don’t Get Well card to?

    Obviously what you meant to say was: ‘some rocks that haven’t been submerged in water for a good part of their life or have otherwise been sitting around long enough for any absorbed moisture to have leeched/evaporated out.’

    • OR, and I’m just putting this out there, he meant river rocks that come in a bag nice and dry and are called river rocks..
      Pretty sure he’s not asking us to go on a camping session to find some stones.

      • ‘obviously someone who’s never been camping…’ – Great, obviously someone who has another person do their shopping or orders everything from Banana Blue

        • ‘Great, obviously someone who has another person do their shopping or orders everything from Banana Blue’ – Well, you got me there, I’ve got no idea what you’re referring to or why it involves Adelaide’s finest supermarkets. For something like this I’d never trust another person to get the items…plus the fact I can’t afford to have a slave.

          The reference to camping was because most people who have been camping have seen what rocks straight from a river will do when heated. Not that people need to go camping to get them.

          There was no need to mention ‘river rocks’ at all since the original article doesn’t.

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