Daily App Deals: Get 2Do: Tasks Done In Style At 75% Off

The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale.

The Best

2Do: Tasks Done in Style (iTunes) Previously $7.49, now $2.99. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style for iOS is a simple to use Personal Information Manager that syncs with many popular task and calendar applications. This app integrates with Siri through the iCloud sync method. Get it for $2.99.




The Rest




    Anyone know of a better word processor style app for Android. I checked out the above OfficeSuit Pro 5 and I can see that there are still a bunch of outstanding bugs and at least one report of there being Ads inside the app.. a paid app with Ads.. not good.

    I really only want a way to write longer texts than the pre-loaded Notes app allows. Just the other day I had to create 4 separate Notes files just to write what I wanted.

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