CopyPasteCharacter Makes Special Characters Easy On iPhone

Web/iPhone: CopyPasteCharacter, a handy site we've mentioned previously for easily copying and pasting special characters, has added a whole new bunch of dingbats and characters, and you can now save your favourites as well as easily access special characters on the iPhone.

As before, you can quickly click on and copy HTML-compliant special characters on CopyPasteCharacter, such as the trademark sign (™) or more decorative characters (★ or ♫). In addition to many more characters, you can sign in to create your own set for even easier access to your most used characters.

The new iPhone app copies characters to your clipboard when you tap it. The app will run you $0.99 for the convenience of spicing up your text messages and emails with h☺ppy faces, sn☃wmen, → arrows ← and more.

CopyPasteCharacter [on iTunes App Store [via swissmiss]


    Just got it, thanks for the heads up. I use twitterkeys a lot from the desktop, which you also brought into my world: BOTH my followers RT every time I drop a ♕ or a ❀. +1 @kendalcole

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