Today's Lifehacker Workout: Get Moving With This Video Playlist

Today is the final workout for this week of our group exercise plan, The Lifehacker Workout. So let's make it a great one! The video playlist above has a video you can workout along with.

For those just joining us, you can see the basics of today's workout in the video introduction above: 20 minutes of walking or jogging plus 10 minutes of strength exercises (five push ups, 10 crunches, 15 squats; repeat).

We've also included video instructions in the playlist for how to best perform these movements (if you don't need those, press the forward button to skip; there are 3 of those instruction videos).

Then you can follow along with the 10-minute looped video showing the core exercise reps done by Martin Reid, a personal trainer and owner of US fitness consulting company Personal Victory. (Martin was gracious enough to send his original video to me for editing so I could adjust for the reps and also slow him down a bit! Music added is "Our Story Begins" by Kevin McLeod,

Have a great workout everyone! I for one am really looking forward to today.


    I don't see the video. Did you forget to embed it?

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