Keep A Second Wallet In Your Car For Store Loyalty Cards

If you're trying to avoid a Costanza-sized wallet, and you routinely travel by car, you may wish to consider creating a second wallet to hold all of your store loyalty cards and other miscellaneous wallet items that you don't use everyday.

Photo by Chanel Beck.

Household blog Unclutterer suggests you put all of these cards in a cheap wallet and leave that wallet in your glove compartment. This allows you to carry a smaller primary wallet without these cards you don't use on a daily basis. Also consider adding an old photo ID, expired credit cards and a few bucks to have your second wallet serve double duty as mugger's wallet if you find yourself in a not-so-safe area.

Unclutter your wallet by keeping a second wallet in your glove box [Unclutterer]


    I just scan all of the barcodes, and print them on to a single card and laminate that. Works fine.

    I use a business card folder for my cards. The nifty thing about it is that the card sleeves are clear, so you dont even need to take the card out, just flip to it and turn the page over for scanning. Cost a couple of dollars at the newsagents. I also have business cards for anything important in there. Such as taxis (we have four taxi companies in my town), my doctor, emergency contacts etc.

    So this is a common issue these days eh, bloody hell, how sad is that.

    Store loyalty cards aren't worth the plastic they're printed on. Dump them, and the stores that insult your intelligence by issuing them.

      How exactly do they insult intelligence by encouraging loyalty? My Jeans West card gives me 15% of everything in store for spending money I would've spent there anyway. My Pet Barn card gives me discounts and vouchers on pet supplies I have to buy. Not really sure how that is an insult to anyone, I save money shopping at shops that I choose to frequent.

        They are insulting your intelligence because they are not "giving you 15% off". They are increasing their prices to cover the discount. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
        Personally, I prefer to give my loyalty to businesses who provide better service, and/or more competitive pricing.

          If the cost of the discount is built into the price, that's all the more reason to use loyalty card -- otherwise, you're just paying extra to cover someone else's "discount".

    I'm surprised someone hasn't created an iphone app where you just take a picture of the barcode and you can select it from a menu when you need to scan it

      On it, I'll have it done tonight and you can buy it off me for a dollar tomorrow. Oh wait it will be Android, sorry dude, no go... :)

        There is an excellent app for Android called Key Ring. It scans the barcode and matches it to a database of existing card issuers, or you can create your own.
        Interesting though... some businesses will not accept the screen output as a valid card. Case in example - Australian Red Cross Blood Bank. They say that the screen barcode does not prove my identity. Oddly, they will accept that if I have a card issued by them in my possession that is ok? I would think that it is a lot easier to steal a physical donor card than it is to steal a screen image.

          >I would think that it is a lot easier to steal a physical donor card than it is to steal a screen image

          It would take all of 10 seconds to photograph a card without someone knowing. At least with a physical card you would notice its gone sooner or later.

          It seems strange though, that someone would try and donate blood under someone else's name :/

      You can download tha app called Perkd. It runs on Iphones and Android phones. This app will allow you to store and keep track of your loyalty cards digitally. can also capture the barcodes. Cheers

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