Daily App Deals: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 50% Off Today Only

The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on sale.

The Best

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (Adobe) Today only you can get Adobe's digital darkroom software for half-off from the Adobe webstore. With Lightroom 3 you can manage your organise your digital photos, make edits whether you work in RAW or JPG, and share or print the finished files. (via LogicBuy)





The Rest




    And now the Aussie differences

    Touch Notes - $2.99
    Ringtones! - $0.99

    Still.. $150 is too much for Lightroom 3.. it's not like it is a full blown editing app like Photoshop.. yes, some effects and basic editing can be done but nothing sensational.

      The point of Lightroom is not to edit photos like in Photoshop. $150 is a bargain if only it applied to Australia, does it?

      If you think that's what Lightroom is, then it's not the product for you.

        Agreed. Lightroom is amazing, when used for its intended purpose, Photoshop can't match it.

      Lightroom is a genius product. To say it's "not Photoshop" is like saying a Ferrari is "not a truck".

    Actually if you buy it from the Australian site and choose to download, it's (only) $124.

    Is this the full version of lightroom 3 for $124?

      Sure is.

    Re Contacts Merger, still seems a lot of manual I tervention involved. Thought I would tidy up a bit before ios5, but looks like loads of work. Am I missing something?

    As others mentioned you buy full version of lightroom cheaper directly from the Adobe website. $AU125 for the download only version and $AU136 including postage.

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