Take Great Portraits By Not Interfering With The Subjects

If you want to take great pictures of people, you probably can't get a better source of advice than LIFE. The quintessential photographic site rounded up examples of what makes some portraits great. The example for this portrait: don't interfere!

The photographer could have tried to get the kids to straighten up, face forward, smile, and so on, but instead he got a shot of people being themselves — a great portrait.

Hit up the link below for more examples of how to take great portraits, including mixing up and using the environment as part of the composition and more on letting the personality show through. Got any of your own portrait-taking tips for us? Let's hear them in the comments.

Taking Great Pictures: Portraits [LIFE.com via @Alyssa_Milano]


    I actually thought this was common knowledge that none of my friends understood.
    I've always thought 'surprise pics' were better and more interesting than a forced smile.

      I thought so too. There are some friends of ours that I've given up even attempting to take photos of. As soon as a camera appears they put on this horrible exaggerated smile. It's like they've been conditioned to believe this is how you should look. They have lots of family photos on their walls at home, but they all look awful, as if they're all auditioning for "Big Teeth of The Year".

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