NightVibes Tracks Friends Via Facebook Check-Ins

Not sure what your friends are up to as Friday night progresses , or can't decide where to go? Nightvibes sorts through the Facebook check-ins of your friends and groups them, giving you a sense of where everyone has landed.

As well as letting you view a 'social map' of where your friends are, the site also lists discounts and special offers at some nightclubs and other venues. Right now the deals in the app are Melbourne-only, but it's a potentially interesting idea if a lot of your friends are enthusiastic Facebook users. NightVibes is a free download.

NightVibes [iTunes App Store]


    So... something like a Foursquare front-end for Facebook?

    Hey Karan

    One part of it is a front end for facebook grouping checkins for venues. The main aspect is planning where your going in the coming days to notify your friends. Ie "Going to Johns Pub on Friday" to help friends rearrange plans and join in!

    Not to mention a lot of drink deals to make that decision on where to go easier.


    hmmm...still not convinced. It really is competing with facebook itself and very reliant on user behavior to check in...which seems to be dying along with foursquare

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