Selling On eBay? Now You Need A Returns Policy

eBay Australia has been promising and then delaying plans to make all sellers include a returns policy and detailed shipping information when they list items for much of this year, but it's now definitely happening. From September 15, all listings will need to specify a returns policy, how the goods will be delivered and how much handling time will be expected.

That sounds like a lot of work if you just want to clear a few unwanted items from around the home, though there are a few steps you can take to simplify the process. For instance, you can simply state that there is no returns policy as such. (That won't get you out of basic consumer law obligations to describe goods accurately, but it will make it clear that you're not operating as a commercial entity.)

Ensuring that there's a clear procedure in place to handle returns and clear shipping and handling information isn't a bad thing for consumers, of course, but it's also yet another reminder that these days eBay is much more about new goods than selling unwanted items and also much more about fixed-price listings than auctions.



    I often wonder how many commercial entities are making decent money on ebay. I have a store on ebay but it became unviable as ebay kept putting up its fees every 6 months, and my site got hacked, so I have removed all of my new stock from the store and will build my own site. I think it works great for buyers but sellers are finding it increasingly difficult, especially SOHO business.

    I agree Dale, I use to sell on ebay but fees and ridiculous terms and conditions such as the above forced me away. I still list the odd item here and their but now run my own webstore and am glad i made the move.
    This is going to turn alot of the people away who want to sell stuff lying around second hand
    Ebay use to be great for bargains etc but they are slowly killing it off. Im hoping a viable and popular site eventually springs up and shoves its finger right up ebays nose

    Things like this are fuelling the growth of alternative auction and listing sites. I think the future is in niche listing sites.

    If you're looking for a place to move stuff on minus the fees this site is pretty good

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