Metlink Beta Testing Melbourne Public Transport Android App

Metlink Beta Testing Melbourne Public Transport Android App

We mentioned the unofficial Tram Hunter application last week, but Metlink Melbourne is also beta testing an official Android app that covers trams, trains and buses. Based on the user comments to date, the app definitely deserves its ‘beta’ label, but at least it’s a start.

Public transport fiends in Melbourne already have the option of an iOS app, and there’s a promise in the future that Google Maps will also incorporate public transport recommendations. Here’s hoping the oft-discussed Sydney/Melbourne rivalry gets the options in NSW improved as well. Thanks Andrew for the pointer!

Metlink beta [Android Market]


  • Although it’s unique in it’s ability to offer an overlook of all public transport in Melbourne… it’s UI is pretty sucky.

    Really hoping for a slick Google Maps integration soon…

  • It seems to just be a crappy web interface built into an app with some location services. Its slow and buggy. If you want trams go for tram tracker, if you want trains, use train trapper, and anything else use the desktop site 🙂

    • haha pyta well said…

      to be fair though it does offer a nice get from point a to point b and whats the best method to use.. tram / train / bus or combination..

      So it does have some good features, but yeah needs work on that UI.

  • It’s nice to finally see Metlink set up with Android support. To be honest, it seems like Australian companies are a little behind when it comes to Android.. considering the fast growing market share.

    I’m the developer of Tram Hunter – and I did it in such a way that I think it’s really clean, simple and easy to use. I used all of Android’s native interface pieces, so it looks like it was made for Android. It’s quick and it’s totally open source.

    It’s a shame that Metlink have gone the other way, and tried to design all their own widgets and elements. They’ve totally ignored all style and interface guidelines, and it’s resulted in a slow, clumsy and painful experience.

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